Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pieta a vu: New York Times Redux, Again

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beeb Poll Shows US Support For 'Some Torture'

BBC UK - One-third support 'some torture'

No Beeb article ever resists the temptation to poke the US in the eye. Here, we see a worldwide poll in which about 29% on average thought "some torture" was warranted in some situations. But in the US, 36% felt that way, prompting the Beeb to note that this percentage makes the US "one of the highest of all the countries polled."

Well, yuh, but not by much.

Interestingly, support for "some torture" seems to be the highest in countries where terrorist outrages have been the worst. Israel and Russia have about the same level of public support for "some torture" as does the United States.

I wonder how many British supported "some torture" for the IRA when it was pulling off deadly bombings during the recent past? I'd bet they were almost unanimous in their support back then.

Airbus Calls Off Chavez Jet Deal

Beeb Befuddled Over Varying 'Interpretations' Of Iraq Death Toll

Gorbachev Claims Mexico, Berlin Walls Same

Monday, October 16, 2006

Philadelphia Inquirer Interviews Sestak Campaign Workers As Weldon "Protesters" - FBI raids four homes, two offices in Weldon probe

Tis the season for high profile felching amongst the political class. Hence, my radar pinged when, out of the blue, Congressman Weldon's home and that of his daughter and a business associate were raided by the FBI just weeks before the election.

Things really started to hum when I read the above article and was -- er -- surprised to learn that, almost as if on cue, a group of "protesters" showed up at Weldon's campaign headquarters sporting giant foam hands declaring he'd been caught "red handed" doing something or other. Liberals always leave the "what" to one's imagination.

As the Inquirer tells it, these grassroots type protesters simply coalesced. They "said" they weren't connected to Weldon's opponent. Why, there was even one guy who claimed to be a Republican:

About noon today, a group of 17 protesters arrived outside Weldon's district office in Upper Darby, carrying signs and the kind of foam hands usually seen at sporting events to proclaim "Number One." But these rose-colored hands said "Caught Red-Handed."

"This is the first time I've come out and done something like this," said Judy Voet of Rose Valley. "This Congress is just so corrupt."

Most of the protesters were Democrats, but they said they were not involved in the campaign of Weldon's opponent, Joe Sestak, and they included at least one Republican, Chuck Ries of Havertown.

"I don't know what to believe anymore, they lie so much," said Ries, holding a sign linking Weldon to current and former Republican colleagues Tom DeLay, Mark Foley and Bob Ney - all of whom have been embroiled in career-ending scandals.

-- Apparently, that was good enough for the Inquirer, which goes out of its way to dispel the notion that the "protesters" might have something to do with Weldon's campaign opponent, Joe Sestak; all of course before going on at length to trash the Republican party.

Unlike the Inquirer, it took all of forty seconds for me to determine that the "Judy" quoted above -- the one out protesting for the "first time" -- has more than a little to do with Mr. Sestak's campaign. In fact, as
this site shows, she's been campaigning for Sestak at least since August, when she and her husband threw a fundraiser for him at the "Voet residence."

So, now that we know these protesters were shills for Mr. Weldon's opponent, inquiring minds want to know whether the order for the big red foam hands was placed before, or after, the FBI searched Weldon's offices.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Zarq Successor May Be History

Friday, September 29, 2006

Zaw Joins DNC, Copperheads In Calling Bush 'Liar', 'Failure'

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Guns Take Over Colo. School, Beeb Says

7-Eleven Says "No Mas" To Chavez, CITGO

Monday, September 25, 2006

Beeb Notices Qaeda Taking Over Somalia

Qaeda Nailed In Basra

BBC UK - Senior militant 'killed in Iraq'

Farouq was captured in Indonesia in 2002 but escaped from a US military prison in Afghanistan last year.

The Beeb just can't force itself to put the words "al Qaeda" and "Iraq" in the same headline.